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Bradigan and the Banshee

"Bradigan and the Banshee" is a family-friendly feature length script about a young boy in medieval Ireland who attempts to slay a banshee to prove himself to his village and his family; but when the banshee saves his life he vows to free her from her eternal curse, in the process forging an unlikely friendship and discovering his true worth.

Page Awards Finals    2016
Page Awards Finals    2015
Nicholl Quarter Finals    2015
Nicholl Quarter Finals    2014
Page Awards Quarter Finals    2014

This excerpt takes place when Bradigan and the banshee, Fennore, are trying to find the mysterious Duana. He's the author of a book on magical creatures and they hope he will have more information on how to reverse Fennore's curse. He lives in a place the villagers fear: the Cairns.

Orlando Science Center Video Narration

I wrote the following narration for a short video series about the different exhibits at the Orlando Science Center, eventually filmed and edited by me and narrated by a volunteer with an incredible voice (he had help; the writing is pretty incredible. I mean, it's about science, you really can't get more exciting than that).