What is KORE?

KORE is a group project completed by four students from the MSc Interactive Digital Media class of 2016/2017 at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. KORE explores asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay in VR and non-VR environments. The game is essentially a communication game, and our goal was to see if players could overcome an information gap across different platforms, using completely different controls. KORE also explores aspects of immersion. If VR is supposed to cut off the user from his or her environment, could we keep them immersed in the gameplay, even while having them interact with elements outside of the VR environment? Additionally, could the other players be as equally immersed in gameplay even though they couldn’t see the VR environment?

The KORE team consists of Karl Knuttel, Shreya Prabhu, Evanthia Palatou, and myself as Project Manager. Karl and I handled the coding, modeling and some of the written content. Shreya and Eva were in charge of design and media elements and also helped with the written content. Our supervisor was Mads Haahr.

The Story and Mechanics of KORE

The story is that the Earth is run by quirky and bureaucratic gods in a lab in the center of the Earth. This is the KORE (Keep On Rotating Earth) Lab, and it is responsible for the continuous survival of humanity. It is run by three gods who divert incoming moral disasters and save the human race. The three roles are: Sensor Strategist, Manual Master, and Laboratory Leader. The Sensor Strategist is in charge of the lights, heat, and oxygen of the KORE Lab. The Manual Master is in charge of finding information within the Reference Manual to divert the disasters. The Laboratory Leader enters the KORE Lab via VR and uses information the Manual Master gives them to divert disasters.

Science Gallery Exhibition (September 2 - 3 2017)

Screenshots from inside the KORE Lab