Greetings, programs! 

My name is Arlene and this is my portfolio page. I am a programmer with a passion for virtual technologies. C# is my weapon of choice and Unity is my battleground. I model in 3D Studio Max and create textures and backgrounds using Photoshop. I started off in the film industry so I know how to assemble a RED camera in ten minutes or less*, I can storyboard all night long, and I know my way around Premiere Pro and After Effects. Writing is something I also do regularly; I participate in plenty of screenwriting competitions and I keep a blog about my tech adventures as I love to participate in hackathons, game jams, and conferences!


I have done research on user interaction and immersion in virtual environments. KORE, my master's research project, specifically studied immersion and communication in asymmetrical games (click here to learn more!). 

My thesis paper analyzed interactivity in AR apps through game and educational methodologies in order to determine which mechanics encouraged the most user interaction and relayed the most information effectively. Read the paper here


My favorite film is "Star Trek: The Voyage Home". Yes, the one with the whales. That's really the most important thing about me. For everything else, there's the resume. 

I am also a Certified Unity Developer; you can even download my certificate as proof!

*times not verified